Recent Verdicts

– October 2017; settlement $114,000, motorcycle collision with severe residual injury; case settled for limits of insurance, with substantial improvement in net to client through negotiation with State of Ohio Medicaid, and with medical payments insurance coverage.

– September 2017; settlement $78,000, elderly couple in automobile collision with significant property damage, limited medical treatment, insurance alleging medical problems related to aging not trauma.

–  August 2017; settlement is $75,000, client in automobile collision with hip replacement surgery, insurance argued pre-existing arthritis made hip surgery not related, settled three weeks before jury trial.

– June 2017; settlement $100,000, work related automobile collision with significant property damage and residual traumatic brain injury, net to client improved dramatically through negotiation with State of Ohio Bureau of workers compensation.

– May 2017; settlement $77,200, automobile collision with low property damage and no injury reported at the scene, settled two weeks before jury trial, case and client had initially been represented by large TV law firm here in Columbus, Ohio (I don’t get paid unless you get paid); and TV law firm quit and refused to provide further representation to client due to low property damage.

– September 2016; settlement $500,000 instantaneous, wrongful death of a 32 year old single, unemployed, recovering heroin addict, who had limited contact with her mother and father who lived out of state, had lost custody of her 12 year old daughter; had no visitation rights, but was fighting to regain visitation rights for a 12 year old daughter, which had been taken away from her because of her previous addiction. Expert witness; Jolie Brams PhD

– January, 2015, judgment, two victims of motorcycle crash, where wife died and husband was injured, Franklin County: $2,201,237 decedent’s estate; $48,884.10 surviving husband; $100,000 punitive damages. Insurance paid limits. Defendant in jail.

– October 2014, settlement $100,000, limits of insurance, allstate, 10 year old child hit by vehicle while crossing street, in crosswalk, against the light, vehicle had a green light, $242,000 State of Ohio Medicaid medical bills settled for payment of $3,462.  Minor settlement net $56,000.

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