You’ve been served Divorce papers…now what?

Sometimes divorce is filed after years of separation and is well anticipated. In other cases, it can come as a complete surprise to the person receiving paperwork. After receiving divorce papers, you must take immediate action to protect your legal rights and future....

3 Important Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

If you think estate planning only involves drafting a will to leave your belongings to whichever heirs you choose, you’re not alone. ​Many people don’t realize there are multiple elements of estate planning that should be addressed, and while wills are an important...

The Will may be unfair; but is it illegal?

After Joe Albanese's mother died in April 2016, he was shocked to learn that she had left a $560,000 home, its contents, the money in her checking accounts, and 82% of her assets to his sister. Joe's adult stepdaughter, the apple of his mother's eye since she was a...

Estate Plan Concerns of Unmarried Seniors

    Marriage and aging are often triggers for people to have their estate plans in order, but, it’s equally if not more important for unmarried couples to have well-drafted estate plans as well. We often think of cohabiters as being young, although over 4 million are...

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