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Losing a loved one is undeniably one of life’s most challenging experiences, and when it comes to settling their affairs, the legal process can often add complexity to an already emotional time. As a probate attorney, I understand the unique challenges families face during this period of transition. My commitment is to provide not only legal expertise but also empathetic support to guide you through the probate process with compassion and professionalism.

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What is Probate Law and How Does It Work?

Probate Law is a legal process that deals with the distribution of a deceased individual’s assets and the resolution of their financial obligations following their passing. When someone dies, their estate typically goes through probate to ensure that their debts are paid off and their remaining assets are distributed correctly.

If the deceased person had a will, it serves as a guideline for distributing their assets to the designated beneficiaries. However, if a will is not in place, legal representatives intervene to assess the estate’s value and determine how it should be allocated among heirs and creditors.

The first step in the probate process is for a judge to authenticate the deceased person’s will. Subsequently, an estate representative, such as an executor or personal representative, is appointed to oversee the probate proceedings. This individual is responsible for informing beneficiaries and creditors, evaluating the estate’s value, settling outstanding debts (including funeral expenses, taxes, and other financial obligations), and resolving any disputes that may arise.

Ultimately, once all debts have been settled and any disputes resolved, the remaining assets of the estate are distributed among the designated beneficiaries according to the law. Probate Law ensures that the deceased person’s assets are handled properly and that their final wishes are carried out in a transparent and lawful manner.

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I’m Chuck Bendig,

I’m an estate planning attorney here in Columbus, Ohio. With over 40 years of experience, I’ve dedicated my career to helping families navigate the intricacies of estate planning. Ohio is not just where I practice law; it’s my home.

My approach is rooted in genuine care and understanding. I pride myself on listening closely to my client’s concerns and goals, tailoring my services to meet their unique needs. From drafting wills to establishing trusts, I guide families through these sensitive matters with empathy and compassion.

Our Probate Services

– Probate Administration
Navigate the probate process seamlessly with our expert assistance. The probate process varies but generally involves filing the will with the court, notifying creditors, and distributing assets. We handle these aspects with sensitivity, ensuring efficient asset distribution.

– Estate Settlement
Trust us to assist you in settling the estate with care and attention to detail. Our skilled team will guide you through each step, expediting the process where possible.

– Will Contests and Disputes
Facing challenges regarding a will? We’re ready to provide expert advice and representation. We’ll address all of your concerns and protect your interests in probate disputes. Read more about will contests.

Other Estate Planning Services:

Wills & Will Contests
Trust Formation
Healthcare Directive/Power of Attorney


Probate FAQs

Q: What is probate, and why is it necessary?
A: Probate is the legal process that validates a deceased person’s will, identifies and appraises assets, pays debts, and distributes assets to beneficiaries. It ensures a lawful transfer of assets.

Q: Why should I hire a lawyer for probate proceedings?
A: Hiring a lawyer for probate proceedings is essential to alleviate the additional stress that can arise when dealing with the complex legal procedures while coping with the loss of a loved one. With the expertise of a legal professional, you can rely on their guidance and assistance to ensure that the legal aspects of the process are managed efficiently and effectively. By entrusting these matters to a lawyer, you can have peace of mind that your loved one’s affairs are being handled with care and in accordance with the law.

Q: How long does the probate process typically take?
A: The duration varies but can take several months to a few years. Factors such as the complexity of the estate and any disputes can influence the timeline.

Q: What steps are involved in the probate process?
A: The probate process generally includes filing the will with the court, notifying creditors, appraising assets, paying debts, and distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries. A probate attorney can guide you through the process.