Will Drafting & Will Contests

Will Drafting Attorney – Columbus Ohio

Do you know how you would like your property to be distributed to your beneficiaries? Unless you are comfortable with the state making these important decisions — through Ohio’s intestate laws, the creation of a will is the only way for your wishes to be followed.

As an experienced will drafting attorney, I can provide detailed estate planning services to assist you with the formation of a last will & testament. Additionally, we can help family members resolve will contests and estate disputes.

An older man playing with his grandchildren while his wife sitting in the background talking to her attorney about drafting a will.

Will Drafting: Simple & Complex

Without a will, the state will determine how assets are distributed to heirs. In most cases, this means that a spouse will receive 50% of the estate and the children each receive an equal share of the remaining 50% of the estate. In estates without children, the spouse typically receives 100% of the estate. If you have other wishes to distribute your assets, you definitely need to put it in writing and protect it in a will.

Whether your needs are complex (i.e., containing trusts and naming guardians for minor children) or you simply need to name beneficiaries for a small amount of assets, we can help draft your will.

Will Contests

One of the most emotional issues after the death of a loved one involves disputes among family members. It is best to create estate plans that avoid this confusion,  but if the language is ambiguous, the decedent’s state of mind is questioned, or a family member is omitted, disputes or inheritance disputes may arise. I’ve been a living will attorney for more than 40 years. We will work to swiftly resolve these issues so that the decedent’s final wishes are followed.

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