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Facing the aftermath of a personal injury can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. Over the last 40 years, I’ve built a reputation as a compassionate and dedicated personal injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

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If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you or a loved one has encountered the challenging aftermath of a personal injury. In these trying times, having a compassionate and experienced legal advocate by your side can make all the difference. You’ve come to the right place.

We empathize with the challenges you’re facing. Our mission is simple: to provide compassionate, expert legal representation to help you navigate through this difficult period and secure the compensation you deserve.

Since 1978, we have helped Ohio residents file a personal injury claim with an insurance company to seek compensation. If you are hospitalized or have difficulty traveling, we will come to you following your initial consultation.

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“Charles promptly contacted me after I completed the Contact Us form on his website. He was responsive to my position and provided clear information; he also took the time to consult the relevant government organization while on the phone with me. Certainly worth your time to contact him.”

– David M. (Google Review)

Our Personal Injury Expertise

As your personal injury lawyer, my goal is to be your advocate during this difficult time, providing compassionate support and expert guidance to help you navigate the legal process and get the compensation you deserve. Here are a few of our areas of expertise.

Auto Accidents

Vehicle accidents resulting in personal injuries are distressing events that demand swift and skilled legal support. We provide empathetic guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of the legal process.

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Wrongful Death

Navigating a wrongful death case is emotionally taxing. If you’ve lost a loved one due to negligence, trust us to guide you through the process, seeking justice and fair compensation.

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Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries are tough, but we’re here to help. If you’ve been hurt on the job, trust us to guide you through the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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What Sets Us Apart as Personal Injury Lawyers

Local Expertise

I am proud to call Columbus home, and my deep roots in the community give me a unique understanding of the local legal landscape. This familiarity allows me to tailor legal strategies to the specific nuances of personal injury cases in our city.

Compassionate Advocacy

Dealing with a personal injury is a trying experience. We approach each case with empathy, putting your well-being at the forefront. We listen to your story, understand your concerns, and work tirelessly to address your unique needs.

Proven Results

With a track record of successful outcomes, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous favorable settlements and courtroom victories for my clients.

Accessible Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of our client relationships. I prioritize keeping you informed at every stage of your case, promptly addressing your questions and concerns. You’re not just a case file; you’re a valued client.


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What to Expect When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Before initiating a claim, it’s essential to cover the fundamentals. Merely being injured does not automatically entitle one to compensation.

1. Seek Medical Attention & Document Your Injuries
In Ohio, you have 2 years from the date the injury occurred to file a personal injury claim. (There are some exceptions to this rule.) Be sure to document all medical records and expenses, as these will be crucial to your case.

2. Assess Your Case
Determining whether you have a viable personal injury claim involves asking critical questions about the circumstances surrounding your injury:
– Was your injury caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness?
– Do you require extensive medical treatment for your injuries?
– Are you facing a prolonged recovery period?
– Have you experienced financial hardships as a result of the incident?
– Have you missed work due to your injury?
– Is there evidence demonstrating negligence or lack of care during the incident?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a valid basis for pursuing a personal injury claim.

3. Provide Notification
Notify the relevant parties involved in the incident of your intention to file a claim, adhering to specific legal requirements.

4. Gather Evidence
We’ll help you collect relevant evidence, including medical records, witness statements, photographs, and documentation of financial losses.

5. File the Claim
We’ll submit your claim to the appropriate insurance companies or legal entities, following the prescribed procedures.

6. Negotiate Settlement
Next, we will engage in negotiations with insurance adjusters or opposing parties to reach a fair settlement agreement.

7. Consider Arbitration
If needed, we’ll explore the option of arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution method to expedite the resolution process. Arbitration is a popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which parties (both sides of a case or disagreement) have an opportunity to be heard by a neutral third party called an arbitrator.

8. Get the Compensation You Deserve.
Once a settlement is reached, it could take a few months to get your personal injury settlement check. However, each case is unique, and some victims may get their check sooner than others. It depends on a variety of factors, including whether there are any delays.

However, litigation funding is compensation from your settlement that is paid out before the settlement is finalized. You could receive a portion of what you are expecting to receive in the settlement.


Personal Injury FAQs

How is the value of my personal injury case determined?

The value of your case depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries, the extent of your medical expenses, the impact on your earning capacity, and the level of pain and suffering endured. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough evaluation of your case to determine its worth and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

How much does a personal injury attorney charge?

When already faced with thousands in medical bills, you may hesitate to hire an attorney thinking it’s too expensive. But that’s simply not the case.

Are there any upfront fees?
There are no upfront fees involved when hiring Charles Bendig as your personal injury representation, and initial consultations are offered free of charge and with no obligation to the client.

Do clients have to pay the attorney out of pocket?
Clients do not have to pay the attorney out of pocket; fees are billed from the settlement or verdict obtained, not directly from the client.

What happens if a financial award is not secured for the client?
If a financial award is not secured for our client, they are not required to pay any legal fees, providing peace of mind and ensuring that the client does not bear any financial risks.

What is the fee structure based on?
The fee structure is based on a percentage of the financial award secured for the client, ensuring that the client only pays if a successful recovery is achieved.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

The timeline for resolving a personal injury case varies depending on the complexity of the case, the extent of your injuries, and the willingness of the parties to negotiate. While some cases may be resolved quickly, others may require more time to reach a fair settlement or proceed to trial.

What types of personal injury cases do you handle?

Our firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your injury, we have the knowledge and experience to advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

How can a personal injury attorney help my case?

Think of it this way; you wouldn’t provide your own medical treatment, fix your own car, or roof your own house. People who represent themselves do poorly. We force the insurance company to deal realistically with your claim, protect you from filing deadlines, assist you in responding to demands for information, prepare a detailed settlement proposal, prepare a case for trial, and try the case if needed.

Moreover, our unique fee structure, which is based on a percentage of the award won, offers clients peace of mind by covering all financial risks upfront. Additionally, the firm provides free initial consultations with no obligation, ensuring that every accident victim has a fair opportunity for recovery.

How do I know if I am eligible for compensation?

The law is very complicated.  Many times when an insurance company denies the claim or a police officer fails to issue a citation, or where a TV lawyer initially takes the case and then fires the client, a more experienced and knowledgeable attorney will find compensation for the client.  An attorney can help you with these problems.  ​

Can my wage loss be covered in a personal injury case?

Absolutely!  This is true even when the client does not have a medical slip for time off at the time he misses work.  The issue is whether the physical injuries and limitations reasonably prevent him from performing the work activities that he is required to perform.  The client is encouraged to discuss time off work with his treating Doctor or Chiropractor, the more information that is placed in the medical chart, the easier to substantiate this loss at a later time.

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