Child Support Attorney

Child support is not just an issue of divorce, but can also arise with parenting plan modifications, non-parental custody, parental & relocation. The family courts ensure that an appropriate child support arrangement is reached in all cases that involve children. Child support cases are often complex, requiring counsel from a knowledgeable support attorney.  We will help to establish, modify and/or enforce the support obligations.

How is child support calculated?

In Ohio, child support obligation is calculated primarily by determining the net income of both parents. Determining net income is simple in the case of W-2 wage earners with no additional sources of income. Determining net income can become significantly more complicated when a party is a business owner, unemployed, underemployed, or receives an irregular income.  Child Support Calculator  ➤

You need a lawyer who will aggressively pursue the necessary documents that accurately establish net income. We have achieved countless successful case outcomes for our clients, even when net income was difficult to prove.

What are “extraordinary child support expenses?”

In addition to basic child support obligations, parents must share the burden of additional expenses, often called “extraordinary expenses.” Extraordinary expenses are not categorized as child support expenses. These include:

  • Education
  • Sports and other extracurricular activities
  • Work-related childcare
  • Travel, and more.

Like child support, the extraordinary expenses is also based on the parents’ net incomes. Once net incomes are determined, each parent’s proportionate share can be determined. The resulting percentage is used to allocate responsibility for extraordinary expenses.

Enforcing Child Support

When the parent charged with paying child support fails to make these payments or make them on time, a private party or the state may file enforcement actions on the child support order. As child support lawyers,  we have handled many enforcement and contempt actions, and have experience with retroactive support judgments – both for parties pursuing those judgments and for parties defending against them.

Charles Bendig has 38+ years of experience with child support cases brought by the state of Ohio as well as child support cases filed through the Division of Child Support. To discuss your challenge, contact us today.  The outcome is too important to rely on an inexperienced attorney.